Red Thread Sisters

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.” ~Ancient Chinese Legend

Wen has spent the past several years in a Chinese orphanage, but her life is about to undergo a drastic change. She has been adopted by an American family, and she’s leaving her best friend in the world, Shu Ling, behind. Wen promises that she’ll do whatever it takes to find a home for Shu Ling, but that may not be so easy when Wen is trying to adjust to a new family and an unfamiliar country and language.

Wen’s new life in Boston is much more difficult than she could have imagined. She misses her best friend desperately, and she remains distant from her new mom and her little sister, Emily. It’s also hard to make friends at school when she’s so different–and when she can’t understand many of the words spoken around her.

Eventually, though, Wen does make a very good friend…but how can Wen be totally happy with her new life when she knows that Shu Ling is counting on her to find a forever family?

Young Wen becomes determined to help her best friend, but time is running out. In a matter of weeks, Shu Ling will no longer be eligible for adoption. What can one eleven-year-old girl do to make sure her friend, a disabled thirteen-year-old in a Chinese orphanage, is adopted by an American family?

Well, Wen will discover that she’s capable of quite a bit, but will her efforts be enough? Will she find a home for Shu Ling in time? Will these “red thread sisters” ever see each other again? If not, can Wen ever be truly happy with her new life in America?

Read Red Thread Sisters by Carol Antoinette Peacock to see just what one young girl will do to ensure the happiness of her best friend…and herself.



“It wasn’t there.  Then it was.”

Those are the words an eyewitness used to describe the mysterious plane that appeared at an Ohio airport thirteen years ago.  The plane just appeared at the gate.  There was no pilot.  There were no flight attendants.  There were no adults on board at all.  Just babies.  Thirty-six babies.  No one really knew how they got there or how a plane could just appear, seemingly out of thin air.

Fastforward thirteen years…

Jonah has always known he was adopted.  His parents never kept it a secret from him.  He knows nothing about his birth parents or his life before the adoption.  But someone does.  One day, Jonah receives a letter in the mail–no return address–that says, “You are one of the missing.”  Jonah doesn’t really know what it means, but when his new friend Chip, who is also adopted, receives one of these letters, Jonah begins to wonder if the letters are somehow connected to their adoptions.

Jonah, Chip, and Katherine, Jonah’s sister, begin investigating the mystery surrounding them, especially when a second letter is received that states, “Beware!  They’re coming back to get you.”  Who’s “they?”  Where are they coming from, and where do they plan to take Jonah and Chip?  Are they going to take anyone else?

As the mystery unfolds, it becomes clear (sort of) that Jonah, Chip, and many others, are part of something they knew nothing about.  A battle that spreads across time itself.  What does this mean?  Can they ever return to their boring, normal lives?  What is so special about them?  Begin unraveling the mystery when you read Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Found is just the first book in The Missing series.  The second, third, and fourth books in this seriesare now available as well.  The second book is Sent, the third is Sabotaged, and the fourth is Torn.  These books are available in the Fork Shoals Library, and I have already read the Sent and Sabotaged.  I’ll post the reviews for these two books soon.  I plan to read Torn in the near future, and I’ll post my review on that book as well.  Even though books dealing with time travel kind of mess with my head, I do enjoy this series, and I’m eager to see where (and when) the main characters finally end up.

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