Pirates in the Library

Pirates in the Library, written by Nadia Ali and illustrated by Jake Tebbits, tells the tale of a band of pirates and their search for treasure. And where do they find that treasure? In the library, of course!

With the help of Ms. Benitez, the librarian, and the Dread Pirate Dewey’s map, Captain Jake and his crew (including their parrot) explore the library and find more treasure than they ever expected.

The librarian in me is thrilled with this book’s take on what treasure really is, but I would have liked more of an overview of the Dewey Decimal System within the text instead of it just being alluded to or included on endpapers or at the book’s conclusion.

I also felt that parts of the book were a little disjointed and hard to follow. (I read a copy of this book via NetGalley, so I’m hoping some of those issues were corrected before final publication.)

I may add this book to my school library collection, simply because it celebrates books, libraries…and pirates. I won’t, however, use it to introduce Dewey, and that is a shame.


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