The Monkey Goes Bananas

The Monkey Goes Bananas, written by the creative team known as C.P. Bloom and illustrated by Peter Raymundo, is a nominee for the 2016-17 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

The Monkey Goes Bananas, a nearly wordless picture book, is sure to engage the youngest readers and encourage them to use their imaginations. How will the monkey get to the bananas he seeks? What could stop him along the way? What will happen next? Little ones will delight in answering these questions and trying to predict what happens with this monkey.

Aside from the fun and energy kids will encounter in this book, they may also learn a few lessons along the way. The monkey is committed to getting some bananas, and he works hard to achieve his goal. He uses the resources around him to get what he wants, and he doesn’t allow any hardships, like a hungry shark in the water, get in his way. Does it all turn out okay in the end? Not exactly, and that is true to life. Sometimes, no matter how hard one works or might want something, circumstances get in the way. The Monkey Goes Bananas, in a very real way, presents this difficult lesson in a way that is accessible to even the youngest of readers.

Additionally, this book may serve to introduce young readers to story-boarding and comic book formatting. The illustrations resemble cartoons, and children could have a great deal of fun creating their own thought bubbles to go with the action in each picture.


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