Going Places

Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds is a nominee for the 2016-2017 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

When the teacher announces that the annual Going Places competition is about to begin, all of the kids are excited. They each get an identical go-cart kit, and they’ll all build and race their creations.

Rafael gets to work immediately and follows the precise instructions. When he finishes, he wonders how his neighbor Maya is coming along with her go-cart. He realizes quickly that Maya has some different ideas for winning this contest.

Rafael and Maya join forces and use a bit of ingenuity to create something truly astounding! Will their creativity pay off? Will they win the Going Places contest? And where will their imaginations take them next?

Going Places, which was a featured book during my school’s Engineering Week activities, is a wonderful read-aloud and an excellent book for encouraging readers young and old to be creative and think a bit differently. (Normal is boring, after all.) Sometimes embracing our differences and using our imaginations can have amazing results!


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