Kali’s Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue

Kali’s Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue, written by Jennifer Keats Curtis with photography by John Gomes, is a nominee for the 2015-16 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Kali’s Story presents young readers with the tale of Kali (pronounced Cully), a young polar bear rescued after the death of his mother. This informative picture book takes readers through Kali’s namesake village, to the Alaska Zoo that served as his foster home, and finally to the Buffalo Zoo (where it appears he remains today with his companion Luna).

Readers young and old will be charmed by Kali and his adventures with eating, playing, practicing his hunting skills, and even napping. They may even relate Kali’s development to their own. (How is a growing polar bear different from or similar to a growing human?)

This book is great for read-alouds, and each page will produce “Awwws” from the audience. It’s also a great addition to animal studies and a good springboard for discussions on polar bear habitats and how to preserve them.

Further reading at the back of the book provides information on things like adaptations for life in the arctic, “Polar Bear Math,” and life cycle.


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