Doug Unplugged

Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino is a nominee for the 2015-16 South Carolina Picture Book Award

Doug is a robot. Every day, his parents plug him up, and he downloads information about all sorts of things. On this particular day, Doug is learning all about the city. But when Doug sees a real-life pigeon, he begins to wonder if there’s even more to learn out there in the real world.

So…Doug unplugs!

He experiences what happens when he flies into a flock of pigeons, when he walks down a crowded sidewalk or rides the subway, and so many other things. Doug also encounters something that wasn’t included in his daily downloads. He makes a friend and learns, for the very first time, how to play.

Join Doug as he ventures out into the city, gains real-life understanding of the world around him, and learns what it means to be a friend and a good robot son.

I think Doug Unplugged is an excellent book for showing children how important it truly is to UNPLUG! Sometimes, they need to put away the phones, tablets, gaming devices, or whatever else is streaming information/entertainment to them. They need to go out and experience the real world! (Of course, this is a message many adults could stand to learn as well.)

I’ve already read this book to several of my classes, and, while they may not have grasped just how important it is to unplug sometimes, they were enchanted by Doug (who looks like a small C3PO), and they wanted to hear about more of his adventures. Definitely a hit as a read-aloud!


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