Maple by Lori Nichols is a nominee for the 2015-16 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

This charming book tells the story of a young girl named Maple and her best friend, a maple tree planted before she was born. Maple can be as loud as she wants with her tree. She can sing and dance for her tree. She can even pretend to be a tree sometimes. Maple cares for her tree through the seasons, but part of her would like someone to really play with. (After all, a tree can’t exactly throw snowballs back to her.)

One day, though, Maple gets a surprise. There’s a new baby (and a new tree) around. Maple cares for her new sister just as she does for her tree, and she finds that sharing her tree with her sister Willow is what both of them really need.

Maple is an excellent book to showcase trees through the seasons and how even trees can be considered the most reliable of friends. I also think it could be a great gift for young children who are going to have new baby brothers or sisters. This book could give even some young readers and their parents the idea to plant trees in honor of children and new arrivals into their families.


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