Churchill’s Tale of Tails

Churchill’s Tale of Tales by Anca Sandu is a nominee for the 2015-2016 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Churchill is a very proud pig. He enjoys many things, but the most important thing in his life is his tail. One day, though, Churchill loses his precious tail, and he looks to his friends for help in finding a new one.

As Churchill tries on tail after tail, he soon loses touch with his friends. Has finding a new tail really become more important to him than friendship?

Will Churchill ever find his own tail? More importantly, will he find his way back to the friends who helped him on his way? Find out when you read Churchill’s Tale of Tails!

With charming illustrations, a simple, entertaining narrative, and an important (but not too preachy) lesson, this book is sure to be a hit in read-alouds and in elementary-level libraries. Many young (and older) readers may just learn a little something from Churchill, and this delightful book could lead them to value their friendships a bit more than the material and fleeting things in the world.


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