Lost and Found

Lost and Found, written by Bill Harley and illustrated by Adam Gustavson, is a nominee for the 2014-15 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Lost and Found is a charming, colorful book about Justin, a boy who has lost his hat. He looks everywhere for this special hat made by his grandmother, but he can’t find it anywhere. Eventually, he makes his way to the Lost and Found at school. Everyone avoids the Lost and Found because they’re scared of the custodian, Mr. Rumkowsky.

Justin soon learns that Mr. Rumkowsky isn’t so scary, and the Lost and Found is full of neat stuff, even things that his friends have been looking for! But he still can’t find his hat. But what’s that at the bottom of the Lost and Found box? Could it be his hat, or maybe something even more special?

Lost and Found is a wonderful picture book that lots of kids and adults will be able to relate to. After all, we’ve all lost things and had no clue where to find them! Sometimes, though, when we’re looking for one thing, we find something even better!

This book could also be a cool gift for school custodians. I think they’ll find humor in how the book ends!


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