Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg, written by Lori Mortenson and illustrated by Michael Allen Austin, is a nominee for the 2014-15 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg is a perfect picture book for anyone who’s ever tried to give a dog a bath…or anyone who has ever dreaded bathtime!

This colorfully illustrated rhyming book will charm young readers with its tale of a cowboy who finally gets his house clean when he realizes his dog is still dirty. But Dawg doesn’t want to take a bath, and hilarity ensues when he escapes Cowpoke Clyde’s attempts to get him clean! All the other farm animals get involved in the chaos before Clyde finally has enough.

Will Cowpoke Clyde finally find a way to get Dawg to take a bath? Readers will surely laugh at this story’s conclusion, and it could just convince them to make bathtime for their pets a little more fun!

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg is an excellent book for read-alouds with younger students. The rhymes are entertaining, and the illustrations definitely keep kids engaged. I may have to mention, though, that they shouldn’t take baths with their pets unless their parents say it’s okay!


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