No Sleep for the Sheep!

No Sleep for the Sheep!, written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic, is a nominee for the 2013-14 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

No Sleep for the Sheep! is a funny picture book that young readers interested in farm life or animals will really enjoy. The pattern to the story is clear from the beginning, and this makes this book ideal for read-alouds. Children can get involved in the story. Even those who are learning to read will be able to follow along and predict where the story is going next.

This book, in my opinion, is also ideal for some type of reader’s theater. I can visualize a group of students acting out this book very easily, and I think they’d have a lot of fun portraying the different animals.

All readers will be able to sympathize with the poor sheep in this book, but they’ll also enjoy predicting which animal will be the next to interrupt his sleep. (The illustrations definitely help with this part of the story.) Young readers will have a blast making all of the animal noises that wake the sheep as well!


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