Little Dog Lost

Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic by Monica Carnesi is nominated for the 2013-2014 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Little Dog Lost is a true story about a dog who was lost on a sheet of ice. In a short time, he traveled over 70 miles down the Vistula River in Poland and into the Baltic Sea. Early rescue attempts failed, and the little dog drifted further away. Eventually, however, the crew of a research vessel, The Baltica, spotted the dog and, after several tries, finally rescued him!

Following the dog’s rescue, he was renamed Baltic (after the ship that saved him), and he became a member of the research team’s crew. No one really knows how Baltic came to be in the predicament that garnered international attention, but it is clear that Baltic found a home after being lost for so long.

This true story provides young readers with just enough details to keep them invested in the story. Those who want to learn more can read the afterword or dive into more research on this infamous pup.


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