Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld is nominated for the 2013-2014 South Carolina Picture Book Award.

Cloudette is a charmingly simple picture book about what a big impact something (or someone) little can have. At first, Cloudette is content being a small cloud. She plays with her little friends (a kite, birds, a squirrel), has a good view of fireworks, can easily hide or squeeze into narrow spaces, and has a nifty spot to rest at night. Eventually, though, Cloudette wants to make a big difference like all the other larger clouds. She wants to make gardens grow and brooks babble, among other things.

Cloudette tries to find ways to be helpful, but it’s hard for this little cloud to find her place in the big world. When a big storm blows Cloudette far away, she’s nervous at first about being so far from what is familiar. Soon, though, she discovers a way that she can really make a difference in this new place. And this experience may just lead her to search out even more ways to show what a little cloud can do!

Cloudette is sure to be a hit with young (and older) readers. It shows that one is never too small (or too young) to make a difference to someone. The whimsical illustrations and text in this book give Cloudette a “personality” that I think most readers will, at least in some small way, be able to relate to.


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