The Firehouse Light

The Firehouse Light, written by Janet Nolan and illustrated by Marie Lafrance, is a nominee for the 2012-13 South Carolina Picture Book Award.  This is a true story that would be an excellent addition to Fire Safety Month activities, studies of electricity, or even how cities and towns change over time.

This is the story of a light that has been burning in the Livermore Fire Station for 110 years. It’s never gone out. Through decades of change and progress, the firehouse light has always burned. (It even has it’s own webcam at where people can see that the light still burns.)

The illustrations in this book are as enchanting as the story itself. The pictures bring to mind paintings of early America by such notable artists as Grant Wood, Grandma Moses, Linda Nelson Stocks, Charles Wysocki, and others.

A neat activity that might go along with this book would be for students to think of things that haven’t changed over time. They could create their own books revolving around that item and how the things around it changed as years passed.


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