Pierre the Penguin

Pierre the Penguin, written by Jean Marzollo and illustrated by Laura Regan. is a true story and is nominated for this year’s South Carolina Picture Book Award. The pictures are detailed, and the rhymes used to tell the story are fun and informative.

Pierre is a penguin who didn’t molt for a few seasons, so his feathers became brittle and fell off. As a result, he didn’t swim because the water was too cold on his featherless skin. To help Pierre out, Pam Schaller, an aquatic bioligist at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences, fashioned a neoprene wetsuit for Pierre. This wetsuit allowed Pierre to swim with the other penguins, and his feathers eventually grew back.

Young readers will be especially interested in Pierre’s story, and I’m so glad that there is a question and answer with the aquatic biologist who cared for Pierre at the end of the book. This is extremely helpful!

If you’d like to learn more about the penguins at the California Academy of Sciences, check out their live penguin cam at http://www.calacademy.org/webcams/penguins/.


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