Back of the Bus

Back of the Bus, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Floyd Cooper, provides young readers with a child’s perspective of the Rosa Parks story that began the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama.

A young boy is sitting in the back of a bus with his mother, simply playing with a marble. Rosa Parks is sitting at the front of the bus. The boy knows she shouldn’t be there, and, when she’s asked to move, he has a bad feeling that trouble is coming. He’s right, but he also has a feeling that things are about to change in his town, maybe even his country. He’s right about that, too.

Read Back of the Bus for a new perspective on the act of peaceful protest that played such a large part in the Civil Rights Movement.

An afterword or explanation at the back of the book detailing what led to Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat and its aftermath would have been helpful. Many young readers don’t know anything about this important historical event, and a brief explanation would have been helpful and might have led them to read more about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement.


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